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TCMTriSquad 2023 Team Races and Goals

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Squad Races

TCMTriSquad athletes can race wherever their dreams take them but we selected a group of races where we hope to show up en masse to support the attainment of our team goals and maximize sponsor exposure:

March 5 Stanford Treeathlon (draft-legal and classic). 600m swim/20k bike/5k run.

April 16 California Youth Triathlon. Ages 11-18

April 23 Millerton Lake Triathlon. Sprint and Olympic.

April 30 USA Triathlon California State Championships. Sprint and Olympic.

May 20 Morro Bay 70.3

June 17 Huntington Lake Triathlon. Sprint and Olympic.

August 5-6 USA Triathlon National Championships. Sprint and Olympic. (must qualify)

September 9 Santa Cruz 70.3

October 22 IM California

Squad Goals

Ironman Global Rankings

2023 Goal: Top 100 in Division V

Ironman events award points to age group competitors registered under clubs. The better you perform in your age group the more points you get. But everyone gets points just for finishing an official 70.3 or Ironman. Details of the competition here. Division V is for clubs with less than 25 participants (i.e. not total membership but number of members that compete in an Ironman branded event in that calendar year) which TCM is currently classified under. In 2022, we finished 532 out of 4808 clubs in Division V. If you haven't affiliated your profile to TCMTriSquad do so here.

State, National and World Triathlon Championship Representation

2023 Goal: 15 TCMTriSquad Participants in State, National and World Triathlon Championship Events

Representation at State, National or World Championships across the globe brings much honor to the squad! The USAT National Championships are listed here. We plan on qualifying athletes for USAT National Championships at State and regional races.

In 2022 there were 7 Nationals/Worlds representatives:

National Duathlon Championships, Irving, TX: Kevin Wu

World Sprint Triathlon Championships, Montreal, Canada: Mariah Mitchell, Martin Spierings

National Olympic Distance Championships, Milwaukee, WI: Julia Ritter, Teri Goldwasser

National Sprint Distance Championships, Milwaukee, WI: Mariah Mitchell, Kelsey Gray

TriClub Podium Awards

2023 Goal: Top 5

TriClub Podium Awards are an on-site competition that honors the top five clubs with a physical and digital award at each IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 race. Club points are calculated with up to a maximum of 10 athletes, with the points being added from the top 10 scoring athletes from their respective club. We have a chance at three local races in 2023. Morro Bay 70.3, Santa Cruz 70.3 and IM California where could potentially attain the honor. In 2022 we finished in a close 10th at the Santa Cruz 70.3 out of 185 clubs.

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