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Caleb Mui

Age Group


Joined TCM


"A" Goal

AG World Championships

2024 Stanford Treeathlon - 1st 15-19

2024 Ice Breaker Triathlon - 2nd 15-19

2024 National Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon Championships - 3rd 16-19

2024 Race Schedule

World Age Group Sprint Triathlon Championships 2025

Why triathlon?

I've always had a lot of respect for people who competed in endurance races. The mental fortitude and the constant grind someone has to possess in order to be rewarded by the sport is very rewarding. I remember reading David Goggins' "Can't Hurt Me," where he had done an Ultraman before even doing an Ironman and other endurance races and saw myself attempting tough challenges like that. I quit club swim after this and immediately started training for triathlons and was shocked to find out how fun this sport was. Training for tris has taught me to hold myself accountable, and to enjoy every second of training.

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