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How to Pick the Perfect Swimming Goggle?

Updated: May 30

The Blueseventy NR2 Goggle in action

When asked this question I usually respond "The one that fits your face best." You can pretty much ignore price as being an indicator of what will work for you when selecting a good goggle. Some people swear by the expensive Magic5 goggles, and some, like me, sell them on Ebay a week later. You've just got to try a bunch on and find out what (literally) sticks.

In selling the Blue70 range I've narrowed it down to two of their models which, between them, work for the majority of people and are all between the $20-30 price point. If you've got a "normal" gap between your eyes the Flow works well. They have a soft, wide seal that people new to swimming generally find comfortable. You don't need a "mask" style goggle in any situation. I don't know of any goggle that limits the field of vision in any significant way. I don't believe you need a different style of goggle for the pool and open water. You might want a tinted and clear style for variations in outdoor light. Although you can generally survive with a tint indoors as well.

My personal favorite is the NR2. People who are a bit more used to swimming seem to tolerate a harder material to seal. Two of our coaches with swimming backgrounds use the $10 Swedish goggles that don't have a seal at all! The material of the lens moulds directly on the face. If you're not quite

that hardcore, the NR2 is a good compromise with a harder more compact seal than the Flow. It's also very similar in design to the Speedo pair Olympic champion Ariarne Titmus wears.

Doesn't seem to slow her down wearing a $30 pair of goggles so you should be fine. The other thing about the NR2 is it comes with a variety of nose pieces so if the width between your eyes is out of the normal distribution you can find the right nose piece for you (I use the XL nose bridge cos I guess I have wide eyes!).

Go to a store and try a few on. A good test of seal is sticking them to your face without the strap on and if they stay there for a few seconds it's a good sign.

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