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Swim Technique Video Analysis

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A private 45 min session with head coach Martin Spierings, including:

  • Analysis of technique and learning of drills to improve your efficiency in the water

  • Filming of underwater video clips to identify areas of improvement

  • Review of specific technical skills to practice in the future

How it works

In the week following the swim assessment, you will receive a package including:

  • A narrated video with clips of you swimming from various angles

  • A detailed report on your video with analysis on where you could make improvements

  • A personalized technique workout incorporating the drills and designed to address your specific needs​


$240 USD/45min session and instruction + personalized video and workout (25% Off for TCM Members)

*contact for rates for groups or require travel to your location

$120 USD for follow-up lessons without video. 

Details on the Video Analysis Package

What People Say

Finis Goggles.png


Coach Martin's technique corrections and suggestions are on point, and his workout recommendations are tremendously beneficial. Perhaps most importantly, he helped me gain confidence in my ability to become the swimmer I want to be and attain the outcomes I seek. Thanks, Coach! 



Your swim coaching was extremely helpful in my Tahoe race today. I shaved off 3 minutes from my time last year, almost that all was because of a faster swim. I still didn't feel good in the water (swimming at altitude sucks), but I definitely felt way more efficient.


Thank you, Martin! All the information and the videos are very helpful.  The drills etc are too. 

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