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TCMTriSquad Discounts

Fans of TCM have some special deals available to them. Use the codes for these endorsed products, services and events. Bookmark this page and check back regularly! Contact us if something doesn't work.

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Use code "coachmartin" for 10% OFF or order with us directly for special orders and fittings of wetsuits and triathlon accessories.


Finis simplify swimming through innovation, high-quality products, and a commitment to education. Use code TCMTRISQUAD! for 20% off any store purchase.


Environmental friendly body powder and sunscreen. Use code TCMTRISQUAD for 15% off your entire purchase at Olita


Kind Energy Bars are great for training and racing. Use code TRICOACHMARTIN for 15% off a single purchase at their online store.

Free Shipping on Altitude Tents. Use code: SPIERINGS


$15.00 off bike fitting services in San Francisco. Use code: TCM21

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Triathlon Event Companies

10% off ALL their races. Including running and triathlon. Even during a pandemic. CODE: TriCoachMartin


promo code 'TRICOACHMARTIN' eligible for 10% off Napa Valley, Grand Junction, and Palm Springs triathlon events.


10% off triathlons and dip and dashes. CODE: TCMTRISQUAD


$10 off the iconic Sandman short distance triathlon. CODE: TCMTRISQUAD

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10% off Sonoma Women's Triathlon. CODE: TCMTRISQUAD