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Product Review: Lock Laces

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Elastic shoe laces are an essential piece of equipment for the triathlete for fast transitions. I recommend using them from everything from Sprint to Ironman distance.

I received a pair of Lock Laces and tried them out. The elastic is sturdy and easy to thread. Installation was simple but if you're having trouble you can refer to their blog or video instructions.

I had previously been using Orca Speed Laces which used a similar system to hold the two end threads together at the tongue but didn't have a solution for the long ends so I always had to kind of fold them around and tuck them in awkwardly. Lock Laces solve this problem by asking you to cut the laces 3 inches from the "lock" piece and they provide a small clamp attachment to bind the ends together securely. So you have enough length to adjust the "lock" piece back and forward for foot swelling but not enough length to have lace ends flopping around. Works great.

The only disadvantage I can see with this system is transferring the laces to a new pair of shoes as you've cut the hard ends off that are helpful for threading through the holes. Happily for me, the laces were just right for my Enda Itens so I didn't need to cut them. I included my son's sneakers in the image above to demonstrate the chopped off version and end piece.

Check them out on Amazon. They retail at $7.99 and can save you up to a minute in transition.

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