• Martin Spierings

Sprint/Olympic Triathlon Race Equipment Checklist - A Minimalist Approach

Updated: Sep 26

  • Trisuit or swimsuit

  • Wetsuit

  • Goggles

  • Swim cap (if they don't give you one)

  • Lubricant for wetsuit

  • Bike with spare tubes, pump attached

  • Helmet

  • Bike bottle (filled with water or sports drink for +2 hrs)

  • Triathlon bike shoes

  • Race Belt with race number attached

  • Towel (to lay your stuff on)

  • Running shoes (with elastic laces)

  • Powder (for inside of shoes)


  • Sunglasses if it's bright

  • Visor or hat if it's hot

  • Neoprene swim cap if the water's cold

  • GPS watch

  • Floor bike pump (because you can usually borrow one)

I could probably make a list three times as long with the unnecessary crap people bring to races, and even race with, but I will stand my ground that these are the essentials and nothing extra will make you any faster. If you don't believe me check out every pro at Superleague.

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