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What To Wear Winter Cycling

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

I have mostly Pearl Izumi stuff. Here's what I consider the most essential as far as cold weather cycling in order of the items I'll add or replace to my summer time wardrobe of shorts, short sleeved jersey and no finger gloves.

- Baselayer t-shirt. Womens | Mens

- Long-sleeved jersey Womens | Mens

- Long finger gloves (nothing worse than cold hands riding a bike) Womens | Mens

- Long tights Womens | Mens

- Hard shell jacket (I have a discontinued GORE hard shell jacket which stops wind in it's tracks I haven't really found a good equivalent of) Womens | Mens

- Balaclava Womens | Mens

- Shoe covers Womens | Mens

- Thin waterproof jacket (for rain) Womens | Mens

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