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Product Review: Revival Electrolyte Drink Mix

Again, following on from the theme of my last hydration review on Moxilyte, there's probably not enough calories in the Revival rehydration and recovery electrolyte drink mix to make it useful as a carb supplementation source for races or training over 2 hours in duration. One satchel makes 16oz and will give you 34 calories, to Gatorade Endurance's 120 for the same volume. So it's suitable for shorter training distances and just general hydration. Or if you pair with a solid (bars, gels) nutrition source for the longer stuff.

It's a nice tasting Summer Fruits (heavy on the raspberry) flavor and anything that encourages you to drink is helpful I think. They have some other flavors too.

Gatorade Endurance 12oz (left) and Revival 16oz (right)

It's pretty heavy also on the sodium, even more so than Gatorade Endurance formula with a similar mix, so it'd be a good choice for heavy sweaters. But curiously it didn't taste salty. It has some Vitamin C and Folic acid in there which both have useful functions for the body, but generally if you already have a well-balanced diet supplements won't generally help with performance. But worth looking at if you're deficient.

Try it for yourself here. And for 25% off use code 25553JNM at checkout

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