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Your 2022 Triathlete Holiday Buying Guide

Blueseventy Thermal Reaction Wetsuit

The Blue70 Thermal Reaction is an attractive option as both a training and cold water race suit. Lined a zirconium liner, it maximizes warmth with wool-like performance. I’ll be wearing mine at the early season triathlons like the Stanford Treeathlon where water temps are often below 55 degrees. Due to an overstock issue early in the year we have an exclusive 50% off deal until the end of the year. Visit the showroom to check one out.


Snorkels are a relatively new edition to the swimming arsenal of tools to improve technique. Like any tool I wouldn’t become dependent on them (you still have to know how to turn your head to breathe) but they may help isolating and correcting other technique flaws. Take 20% off a Finis snorkel with code TCMTRISQUAD! or come see what we have in stock at HQ.

Inside Tracker

Like most you probably want to know how to improve your diet in the New Year. But what should be the priorities and what most needs attention? Taking an Inside Tracker blood analysis is a great way to get actionable steps to take to improve your nutrition intake and address any deficiencies that could be holding you back from peak performance. Use code SPIERINGSPRO25 for 25% off the Ultimate Package.

TCMTriSquad Membership

What better way to kick off the new year than by joining a group that can help you achieve your goals. With a generous welcome pack and year round pro discounts on the gear you need, there's no better way to embrace the multisport lifestyle. Check our Join page out to learn more about the benefits and to apply.

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