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Triathlete Holiday Buying Guide

What to get for the triathlete in your life? Well, we have some completely biased suggestions for you from our sponsors and supporters that might just make you faster, or happier, or both.

Looking to cut some time off your transitions in 2020? Grab some Olita baby powder to go sockless through transitions and some mineral based sunscreen to slather on to slip that wetsuit off with ease without hurting the reefs. 15% off just by clicking those links. Ditch the shoelaces too with LockLaces and save even more time.

After you've crushed a hard winter bike ride in your comfy Merge4Socks (25% off just for reading this), you'll want to reward yourself with a drink (but not the hangover) with a glass of FitVineWine. Thoughts will inevitably turn to setting 2020 goals and if you live in the Nor Cal area you can choose your races from our recommendations on the triathlon calendar. To be in the best shape possible you might want to schedule a coached nutrition reboot with Nutrition With Julia (Use code TRICOACHMARTIN for 10% off) or sign up for the triathlon camp in Santa Barbara in March before the end of the year when the price goes up. With shopping done and everything planned out in your 2020 TriLog all that's left to do is train!

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