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Trend Prediction: Long Running Shorts For Women

No one could accuse me of being an expert on fashion, especially women's fashion. But I have a feeling we're going to see the length of short grow on the trails very soon, if not already. The only argument against them in the first place could be that they make you slower or could some how be a source of resistance. That theory was comprehensively smashed out of the national parks by Courtney Dauwalter in her record breaking performance at the Western States 100 last month. She dominated in the Shortney made by Salomon. Yes, it's made of soft, light-weight fabric but none-the-less breaks the norm of the shorter cut for women. Try a pair out for yourself on the Salomon website.

Than, there's the fierce counter point of World Champion mountain runner, Grayson Murphy who sometimes runs in a one-piece. More common in the sprinters wardrobe than the Alpine Trails. Conclusion: it's not about what you wear.

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