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What Bike Trainer Should I Get?

I frequently get ask for trainer recommendations and my knowledge is limited (I'm not the indoor type). So I asked the squad what indoor trainers they recommend. Here's what they said:

Coach Crystyle I really like my Garmin tacx neo 2.0 ($1,400). I’ve had no issues. Here is a link It’s a little pricey but you can literally feel the cobblestones and boards of the bridges in Zwift when you ride over them!

Coach Gunnar Elite Suito 2 ($550). This is what I use and recommend Rebecca I recently upgraded to a smart trainer and am so glad I did! Training indoors is so much more convenient. I’m surprised by how fun it is, too! I considered sticking with my resistance trainer and just getting a power meter, but I think a smart trainer gives me more of what I need to improve my performance. I decided to purchase the Zwift Hub for $500. Although it’s a newer product on the market, the design is actually not new, just rebranded and being sold for less according to DCRainmaker. Compared to the similarly-priced Elite Suito T, the Zwift Hub has a little bit heavier flywheel, supposedly making it a better riding experience or something like that. The cassette can come already installed. They offer really helpful setup videos, too.

Jack I would have purchased the Zwift Hub if it was foldable, but it’s not, so I purchased the Elite Suito like Gunnar instead. I need to fold mine and put it away in the closet after each use. If you don’t need to put it away each time, get the Zwift Hub


Saris / CycleOps Fluid 2 ($175). I’m using this trainer I bought used from Jack. It’s not a smart trainer. It does the job and I feel like I’m getting a good workout. It’s convenient when the kids are napping.

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