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MOXiLIFE Hydration Review

Recieved a sample of MOXiLyte recently from the MOXiLIFE company located out of Arizona. I selected the citrus flavor (Viscious CITRUS) they had available on a couple of rides and taste was good. Pretty strong flavor, reminded me a bit of Wizz Fizz we had as kids. Now, as is the case with many sports drinks these days they've gone the low sugar route, with similar concentration to nuun endurance. I debate the merits of liquid carbs for racing here. The short version is that carbs (sugars) will aid performance of over 2 hours duration, so if you're not getting them in your drink you're going to have to get them elsewhere.

Gatorade Endurance formula vs. MOXiLyte

Comparing to a long time popular sports drink, Gatorade Endurance. Gatorade recommend mixing their serving size with 12floz and MOXiLyte with 16floz. So with a 12floz of MOXiLyte you're only getting 18 calories to Gatorade's 90. So if your looking for energy for long distance racing, you'll have to supplement the MOXiLyte with a source of carbs to get the 60-80g you need per hour optimal for long course competition.

So what else is in it? With either beverage you'll end up ingesting a similar amount of sodium, the other key element to a sports drink. MOXiLyte also has magnesium if which supplementation has shown some evidence of improving aerobic exercise parameters. So MOXiLyte might be a great choice for training and shorter duration efforts where you need the hydration and electrolytes without the sugar.

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