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How The Pandemic Changed Triathlon Training

I took a look at the training volumes of six triathletes I coach who didn't have any major injuries or disruptive travel in the four months of January to April to see how the pandemic has changed the training mix. In our part of the world, lock down occurred around mid-March so life until then was fairly normal. We were also able to ride and run outside, although some decided not to, this whole time. There were periods when parks and beaches were also restricted.

The most obvious trend was the reduction in swimming volume due of course to the pools being closed. It didn't completely disappear in April with some substitution with open water swimming. Strength workouts, which has included some swimming bands have also increased since the lock down, but hasn't completely compensated for the lack of swimming. Most surprising as a coach was that overall training time has been maintained despite the major disruption in the lives, priorities and goals of most. A lack of a commute and other competing commitments, and in some cases reduction in work hours, may have been responsible. Triathletes are a resilient bunch! How has your training volume and mix changed since March?

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