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Bike To Work

Updated: May 18, 2022

One of the more commonly used excuses among those who don’t get as much exercise as they would like is “I don’t have enough time”. A solution for the overbooked amateur endurance athlete is to combine their transport and exercise by biking to work.

In Santa Cruz, we have a well developed network of bike lanes and slow moving traffic in rush hour that makes riding a bike a time efficient option for those living and working locally. While it might not be the structured workout you might hope for it’s still better for your fitness than being stuck behind the steering wheel.

If you’re serious about your commute you’ll need an assortment of cold weather gear as well as a powerful front and rear light to keep you safe on the roads. Bike commuters will use either panniers (bags that attach to the bike) or a small backpack to transport their work clothes.

Bike to work over winter and watch your gas mileage drop and fitness grow.

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