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Things To Do Two Weeks Before Your 70.3 or Ironman

Updated: Aug 29

There are some organizational things you can't leave until the last days of your 70.3 or Ironman triathlon. Learn from mistakes already made!

Set Your Bike Up Like Race Day

There are many, many options on how to attach your race nutrition, hydration and repair gear to your bike that are beyond the scope of this blog... except to say that too many people leave this to figure out on the final days before the race. Without fail, I hear a story after every triathlon from both from beginners and more experienced athletes, that their nutrition or bike repair stuff flew off their bike in the first few miles. This seems an entirely preventable occurrence. Set up your bike EXACTLY how you plan to on race day and ride with it, at race pace, over some variable terrain. Does it all stay attached? Yes? Good. No? Fix it.

Change Your Worn Out Stuff Now...Or Don't

It's good to go into the race with new, or next-to-new parts on your bike, but don't wait until the final days to make changes. You could very well pinch a tube putting on a new tire or create issues tightening a new cleat. Allow yourself a few rides with any new parts to make sure everything is right. Otherwise, just roll with the old stuff.

Wear Your Race Kit

You might feel a bit silly riding and running in your triathlon race suit, but you should get used to it in the last weeks running up to the event. Find out if/where you chaff and become familiar with putting nutrition in and out of the pockets if you plan to carry stuff in there.

Dial in Your Running Shoe Game

Get your Lock Laces in if you plan to wear them. Get used to what tension you need them at in various conditions. If you plan on going sock-less, start trialing talc powder and callousing those feet in all the right places. Best to get the blisters now than half way through the half marathon. If you plan on wearing socks, give the exact socks some outings before washing them for the big race.

Do these things now and you can tick off some unknowns before race day. Don't let a silly logistical detail undo months of physical training!

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