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5 Don'ts for the Santa Cruz Triathlon

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

I've coached many of my athletes to success at the Santa Cruz Triathlon over the years and have finished 4th and 6th overall in this race myself. Here are some tips to have your best race.

1. Don't use the wharf to navigate.

The wharf is a funny L shape and you'll end up swimming further and more crooked if you use it for sighting in the swim. Follow the buoys on the way out and use the right side of the dream inn (or the palm trees) to navigate the shortest path on the way back in.

2. Don't put shoes on to run to T1.

It's a waste of time and an extra thing to think about. Barefoot running on concrete is not fun but you'll be fine. HTFU.

3. Don't try and wash your feet.

Sometimes they give you little pools to wash your feet in. This is a waste of time and counterproductive. You want your feet to be as dry as possible so making them wet again (so sand and stones stick on them) does not make any sense. And don't wear socks... use some baby powder in your shoes instead.

4. Don't attack at the start of the hills.

This bike course is NOT FLAT. It has some significant rollers that are longer than they look. Build into the hill so you're not exhausted and sitting up panting at the top. You want to work the end of the hill so that you're coming over the crest, back in your aero position, with a good momentum.

5. Don't blow up on the run.

There is a hill right out of T2 and there are a lot of spectators cheering, so your adrenaline might be rushing. Don't be a hero here! This is a course where you must negative split to have a good day. Relax up that hill with short steps and build into the first half. Start applying the hurt after the turnaround.

Want personalized coaching? Check out our Triathlon Coaching page.

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