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Product Review: Born Tough Active Wear

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Even in the summer in Santa Cruz you need a go-to sweat for cold morning racing and training. Born Tough (Elite Sports), an apparel manufacturer reached out to us to review their premium line of apparel. I checked out the Born Tough Alfresco Parka and Born Tough Momentum Track Suit Bottom. Essential warm-up items for those cold triathlon race mornings.

The parka fit perfectly and has the versatility you need for pre-race preparation. They have both zip and open pockets. Zip pockets are essential for riding or running around with car keys and phone. And the open packets are handy for keeping hand warm while waiting around in line to sign up. The front zip is the quality closed type design that keeps the wind out. The parka is also a little longer at the back which provides nice coverage if you're hunched over a bike.

The track suit bottoms also are of a high quality rugged material, with handy zip pockets to keep your stuff if your just wearing a t-shirt on top. It also fits tight around the calf which makes it perfect for warming up on the bike. It won't brush against the chain and get greasy or get caught on the chain.

Check out everything Born Tough has on offer and keep them as your go-to pre and post race kit.

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