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Training With Dryland Swim Bands or Cords

Updated: Jun 18

Dryland swimming cords or bands gained exposure during the pandemic. We reviewed a few of the videos that popped up on the web during that time to help guide how to get the most benefit out of this tool. Nothing of course will substitute being in the water but hopefully this can help supplement your swimming when you're out of the water.


It's important when doing the front pull movements with the cords to reinforce good stroke mechanics so when you're finally able to get in the water again you won't have learned the wrong technique. This will take some discipline and focus to get the high elbow catch movement right. Please send a video to your coach and have them make sure you're doing it right. But here are some good videos on getting it right.


So the main use of dryland cords before coronavirus was to SUPPORT what you were already doing in the pool. They can be used as resistance workout to work and isolate various swimming related muscle groups. Below of an example of the different exercises you can do for muscular strength.

Swimming Workout Substitution

If you're forced to replace swim workouts entirely with dryland exercises the below might help. My childhood hero Dave Scott runs through a program that will not only work different muscle groups but also work your heart rate.

Where to get 'em?

You can get 30% off Dryland Cords from Finis using code: TCMTRISQUAD!

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