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The Face-Out Swimming Workout

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

There are two reasons I can think of that you might need this workout:

  • You forgot your goggles.

  • You scrapped your face along the road.

In any case, here's a workout you can do without getting your face or eyes wet (much). Can't vouch for how your neck is going to feel afterwards.

4 x (100 backstroke / 25 front sculling) 8 x 100 kick, 3 freestyle, 4th one flutter kick, with board and fins, 20 seconds rest.

100 easy backstroke kick (hands stretched out behind you)

8 x 25 water polo drill fast. 20 seconds rest.

100 sculling with pull buoy (25 side sculling, 25 front sculling)

8 x 25 kick with board fast, no fins. 20 seconds rest.

100 backstroke easy

Total workout distance: 2000 yards/meters

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