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Superfeet Run Pain Relief Insole Review

I’d been looking for some replacement insoles after losing the last pair. I have had various Achilles, foot ligament injuries that come and go at various severity. I’d been administered various heel/arch supporting insoles in the past by a podiatrist but didn’t want to go down the whole custom/$400 insole route. More recently I’d been having intermittent heel pain that had on occasion stopped me mid -run. After explaining my major malfunctions to Superfeet they sent me their Run Pain Relief insoles. I’m a size 13 and they sent me a 11.5-13 so I didn't have to do any of the sizing/cutting they recommended. They come with a heel insert that fits snuggly in the back of the shoe. I’d been trying to put small heel inserts in my regular soles and found they just slipped around so this was an improvement. Anyways, I’ve tried them a couple of times on both hills and flats and had no problems! Of course, no way to prove the heel pain just didn’t go away on its own but no way the new soles have made things worse. Worth a try. They are also just generally comfortable and don’t move around. More info on their webpage.

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