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Strength Workout For Triathletes Using Free Weights

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I'm very conscious of the time restraints of age group athletes but I recommend adding 30 mins to an hour of strength training once or twice a week. Especially beneficial for older and long distance athletes.

Among the arguments for adding a strength component to your endurance training are injury prevention, weight control and neuromuscular advantages. There's also evidence of psychological benefits.

In the absence of a trainer who can provide you with specific exercises for your physiology and weaknesses, this series of exercises can be used as a starting point to hit the prime movers and supporting muscles used for triathlon and is designed with minimum equipment resources. You'll need a pair of dumbbells and ideally a bench.


Squats: 2 sets of 8-12

Bench Press: 2 sets of 12-15

Backward Lunges: 2 sets of 8-12 (great for hill running)

Bicep Curls: 2 sets of 12-15

Triceps Extensions: 2 sets of 12-15

Plank: 2 times to exhaustion max (~1 min)

Crunches: 4 sets of 20.


Calf Raises: 2 sets of 20

Dumbbell Bent Over Row: 2 sets of 12-15

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