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Sports Nutrition Product Review: The Banana

Bananas are a compact, easily digestible power pack of carbs and potassium. They are available in a range of sizes. They retail between about 69 cents to as low as 19 cents at Trader Joes.

A banana (credit:flickr pykmi)

They have a convenient three way flap mechanism to open. On my last ride I ate half, then folded the flaps back over and put in my back cycling jersey pocket. When I took it out to eat the other half two hours later my riding partner was surprised how well the product was preserved. The packaging is also fully compostable making it a very environmental choice.


Powerbar (

The only draw back to the bananas brand is not endorsed by any elite triathletes or endurance events to my knowledge. Although you can still find some at the finish line occasionally.

If you are forced to eat an actual food during exercise the banana could provide a balanced, nutritious alternative to the congealed, syrupy, stuck together mess you've been told you need.

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