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Santa Cruz Group Rides | An Unofficial Guide

The info in this guide on group meet-up for bike rides is derived from this Strava Group and verified by a regular attendee. Thank you to them for the intel. This intended for those (*gasp*) not on Strava or new to the area.

Saturday Harbor Ride - World Championships

8:00 AM Weekly on Saturday

Meet Up Spot: Santa Cruz Harbor - Corner of 5th and East Cliff

Large group. Fast for "race" sections - slower through town. Multiple split-off points along the route. Most of the pack will do Hazel Dell and then head back. Some opt to add Eureka Canyon onto the ride. Others may choose to head south toward Elkhorn, Aromas, or even San Juan Bautista.

Sunday Group Ride

9:00 AM Weekly on Sunday

Meet Up Spot Aptos Station by the old Bayview Hotel

Race Pace / Rolling Hills

If you didn't quite get your cycling fill on Saturday, the Sunday ride will satiate. Fast, not a ton of climbing, win bragging rights at the intermediate sprints or sit in and hold on for the ride.

Tuesday Lunch - Giro Ride

11:45 AM Weekly on Tuesday

Meet Up Spot Bus stop at the corner of Swift and Mission (kitty-corner from 7-11)

Race Pace / Rolling Hills

The fastest group ride in town. Don't let the short distance fool you. Starts out with a rotating paceline up the coast (usually into a headwind), then turns inland for the climb up Bonny Doon Rd. The first riders to the top turn around at Smith Grade. Start the descent when the leaders come by. There is a quick regrouping at Highway 1 before the group races full-gas all the way back to the SC city limit sign.

Wednesday Eureka Canyon Group

8:30 AM Weekly on Wednesday

Meet Up Spot "The Hook" - the end of 41st Ave at E. Cliff

Tempo / Rolling Hills

Mostly relaxed pace. Some riders will race over the top of Cox Rd. The group stops for a restroom break at Scott County Park and then heads toward Eureka. Regroup at the top of the climb. Fast group descent down Old San Jose Rd.

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