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Rancho Seco TBF Triathlon Preview

From TCMer Kelsey Gray who did the Sprint in June: "The race company and their set up and location was great. The water was 78 degrees. The lake was warm and murky but not really weedy. It was a nice swim. I had a hard time sighting the second buoy because it was east and the sun was really bright. Bike course was exposed and slowly undulating. Not too much traffic but a little scary with big trucks passing in both directions and it was an out and back ride so riders were on both sides of the road. The run was pretty hot and I’m not used to that. That run was up and down on a dirt road. All in the sun. A lot of legit triathletes actually did the race today. I think everyone is so hungry to get a race under their belts. However I was very impressed with the whole set up and all of the amenities. The park itself is really well equipped with great bathrooms, shower rooms that you can use after the race to wash off the lake water before you drive home. It is pretty far. It’s 180 miles from my house. However I am super pleased and really happy I did the race. I expect the Olympic in July will be pretty hot."


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