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Multi-Brick Tricks and Tips for Success

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Enduro style bike/runs are a great way to get used to the T2 triathlon transition as well as a high intensity workout to prepare the first triathlons of the season. Here's how to prepare for one.

Pack your transition bag the night before (keep it simple)

  1. Small towel (not essential)

  2. Running and biking shoes

  3. Helmet

  4. Sunscreen

  5. Sunglasses

  6. Maybe a gel and some water

  7. Charge your Garmin / watch

  8. Make a Custom Multisport activity with 4 runs and 3 bikes to record your event.

  9. Pump up tires and check brakes

  10. Look over the course so you know where to park and where to bike and run.

Practice your race morning rituals.

  1. Eat a good breakfast ideally 2-3 hours before with a snack 60-90 min before event

  2. I will usually have a gel 15-30 min before starting

  3. Sip on water or electrolyte drink as needed

  4. Wear your race day kit

  5. Layer for warmth / cold muscles do not work well

Arrive at the venue at least 30min ahead of start time.

  1. There will be parking in the lot at the pool / track complex.

  2. I prefer to ride up so I arrive WARMED up

  3. Plan your bathroom needs

Set up your Transition Area.

  1. (not essential) Bring a small towel / mat to lay out

  2. Lean your bike against the fence

  3. Bike shoes open and easy to access.

  4. Put helmet on bike where it is easy to access

The Event!

  1. Warm up if you can with some light jogging or bike to the venue

  2. Hold back some on the first run and bike lap

  3. Transitions should be FAST (hallmark of Squad TCM)

    1. Run to Bike: take your run shoes off, put on bike shoes (ideally they would be left on the pedals / clipped in), put on your helmet.

      1. Save taking liquids etc for ON THE bike, not in transition

    2. Bike to Run: helmet and bike shoes off, run shoes on.

  4. Pick up your effort on each subsequent run/ bike lap.

  5. Finish strong.

  6. Cheer others!

  7. Cool down

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