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Just a Few Of My Favorite Swim Technique Videos

I could stare lovingly at good swim technique for hours. I like to have athletes who've taken a swim video analysis from me compare themselves to perfection and often share this blog. Enjoy the aquatic hypnosis!

Real Swimmers

Thorpey. From the side and front on. Literally grasps the water out in front. Notice the acute elbow bend under the body.

Dan Smith. Clear side on view of an Olympian.

Scott Neyedli. 44 min swim Ironman split.

Jodie Swallow. For an interesting video for a conventionally ugly (high frequency) but effective swimming stroke of World Triathlon Champion.

Virtual Swimmers

Mr. Smooth! Their take on the "ideal stroke". Notice the exaggerated cocked wrist during the first part of the catch phase. Sign up on their webpage for a great blog, one of the few email lists I'm subscribed to. This is getting old now but still interesting to watch. Virtualizes the strokes of world record holders. Take a bit of playing around but you can observe from a variety of angles. Click here.

I offer swim stroke analysis, both online and in person. More details on my coaching website here.

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