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Tethered Swimming In A Small Pool

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Finding a place to swim can be hard in 2020. Many public pools have restricted their use and online bookings are hard to get. If you only have a hotel, backyard or community pool to choose from, too short to swim laps, you can try this pandemic-era hack to get a few strokes in. Get a swim cord (the one I have is from Finis) and hook it around a rail or ladder on the pool edge. Thread one handle through the other. Then loop a fuel belt (I used a Spibelt) around the swim cord and around your waist.

You could probably find a thicker, sturdier belt that the ones generally used in triathlon but this is what I had available! Next you can hike the belt above your ribs or around your waist. I was able to keep them in both positions and the waist was probably a little more comfortable and a little easier to keep the hips up. The cord does tend to drag your hips and feet down a little in the water but perhaps this will actually help keeping your hips up when swimming untethered.

Obviously, this is not ideal in replicating normal swimming but with access to many pools still restricted it can be a great way to maintain your technique and fitness between more formal workouts.

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