• Martin Spierings

Tethered Swimming In A Small Pool

If you only have a hotel or play pool to choose from and want to maintain your feel of the water you can try this pandemic-era hack to get a few strokes in. Get a swim cord (the one I have is from Finis) and hook it around a rail or ladder on the pool edge. Thread one handle through the other. Then loop a fuel belt (I used a Spibelt) around the swim cord and around your waist.

You could probably find a thicker, sturdier belt that the ones generally used in triathlon but that's what I had available! Next you can hike the belt above your ribs or around your waist. I was able to keep them in both positions and the waist was probably a little more comfortable and a little easier to keep the hips up. Obviously, this is not ideal in replicating normal swimming but with access to many pools still restricted it can be a great way to maintain your technique and fitness between more formal workouts.

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