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How I Triathlon Trained With COVID

I want to preface this by saying that people's experience and symptoms of course vary wildly and this is not in anyway a prescription of what you should do if you get COVID. It's just relaying my particular experience. I had a mild (yet lingering) case with the main symptoms being body aches and a dry cough.

I felt crappy a few days before actually testing positive. I did a track workout the Tuesday before the Friday I tested positive and while having no symptoms I flaked on the last rep (very unusual for me) and was just slower than the weeks before.

After that I just did very short and very easy workouts below the cough "threshold". Any time I tried to run in the first 10 days produced a cough so all the runs you see here were actually walks.

The first time I felt anywhere close to 100% was probably a short triathlon I did on June 11. So I kept active the whole time but it was very minimal in terms of intensity or distance for at least 10 days. So I'm not sure it even helped but I was highly motivated to train (I had Worlds coming up end of June) and sometimes it's mentally just better to get some sunlight and turn the legs around when you're sick. How did you tackle training if you had it?

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Teri Goldwasser
Teri Goldwasser
Jul 14, 2022

Good on you! I was way too sick to do anything beyond pushing remote control buttons for Netflix. I had high fever, chills, body aches, lethargy, sore throat, & headache. After a solid 5 days of that, I improved. Now I’m better & adding in walks, easy hikes, & a bit of tri-focused strength. Per Coach’s advice, no swim/bike/run until a full week of NO symptoms including fatigue.

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