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Dear Coach: Peloton or bike trainer?

Q: When needing to ride at home, is it better to ride my bike on the trainer or do the Peloton. I've been doing the peloton because I get a better workout but the bike trainer will get me used to being on my own bike.

A: I'll assume for the purposes of this post that you already have a Peloton and there's no chance of me talking you out of getting one. On that presumption, yes use your Peloton if it motivates you more than your regular trainer! It'll work your heart in the exact same way and your muscles pretty closely. I'd encourage to set it up to as close as your race bike geometry as you can and I'd also, as your goal race gets closer, like 4-6 weeks before, use your real bike exclusively.

I like the look of the workouts they call Tabata and I think the 45 min workouts provide the right amount of threshold zone stuff. I wouldn't use it on your easy days as I think it's hard not to get carried away if there's someone yelling at you. But if the choice is between enjoyment and motivation vs. precise use of your muscle fibers, I would prioritize the enjoyment factor.

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