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Will Triathlons Happen in California in 2020?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

July 22 Update....

Earlier in the pandemic I predicted triathlons were unlikely in 2020 all the while hoping I'd be wrong. Well here we are in the middle of summer and so far nothing has happened since March that I know of. Another swathe of cancellations since our last update (see calendar below), including what I considered to be the best chance, Morro Bay Triathlon scheduled for November.

Which brings us to the Huntington Lake China Peak Triathlon scheduled for...this Sunday. Tucked away in the Sierras in the back of Fresno County (which has not been spared by the virus or the Governor's watch list) is still taking entries (with a limit of 150 participants) and is following all the necessary safety guidance. It sticks out like a last standing building in a hurricane. I'll be checking it out through a mix of curiosity, fear (that it might be the last chance in a while), to advocate for triathlon as a safe sport and to support this poor race director who is probably running it at a significant loss.

California, on June 12, moved to Stage 3 on the reopening road map. Large gatherings like triathlons simply won't be allowed unless the state moves to Stage 4. Even then, cities and counties would have the authority to be stricter than the state and not issue permits for races to be run. The Governor indicated it could be "many months" before the state moves to Stage 4 and this 2nd July wave has made things look increasingly impossible . The tricky situation for race directors, already on thin profit margins, is spending resources to prepare an event that's a maybe. Aside a few hold out many have decided the risk is too great.

Below is a summary of some of the races within striking distance of hometown Santa Cruz and their status.

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