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The Hotel Pool Workout

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Ever stuck with no option to train but the small hotel pool? Here's a session to keep your feel of the water up when constrained by a less-than-25 yard pool.

Hotel Pool Workout

16 laps* one arm freestyle:

4  right arm/ 4 left arm / 4 right arm (other by side) / 4 laps left arm (other by side)

20 laps kick:

2 x (4 front arms stretched in front / 2 left side / 2 right side / 2 back)

16 laps sprint kick

8 x 2 laps sprint kick (can be underwater). 10 secs rest between each 2 laps.

16 laps sculling

Continuous Sculling. Can vary where the hands are placed and arms are positioned (out in front, at 90 degrees, towards the thighs)

12 laps breastroke arms with fly or freestyle kick

8 laps freestyle with underwater arm recovery (doggie paddle essentially)

6 x 2 laps Sprint Butterfly, 10 seconds rest

8 laps long exaggerated slow motion freestyle concentrating on point of entry and pull phase.

Total 108 laps (if pool length = 15 yds ~ 1500m workout)

* A lap is one length across the pool

Use code TCMTRISQUAD! for everything swimming gear and apparel!

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