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Product Review: Finis Tech Jacket and Pants

So really these are sweat tops and pants. And let's face it, no-one would have survived 2020 without elastic waists. These are well made and great value. Perfect for either working at home or going to the track or pool. They have a couple of key feature. Pockets with zips on the jacket. Open pockets are no good for phones and keys. A hoodie. All and all this is not a particularly warm jacket if it's really cold but for warming up and getting in and out of the pool it's a perfect weight and the hoodie adds protection. It also has thumbholes in the sleeves so you can cover up your hands when there are no time for gloves.

The pants were comfy as well. Although I could have gone XL on them as they weren't quite long enough. If you have longer limbs go for a bigger size than you think you might need. The L on top fit snug. I'm 6"2.

There's a sale on them now and get an additional 25% off until the end of the year with code TCMTRISQUAD2020. Find them at Finis Apparel.

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