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Open Water Swimming Groups in Santa Cruz

If you want to swim with others but you're not a member of any formal swimming or triathlon group there are some options for you in the Santa Cruz area.

Without going into the history of the name this is an informal gathering of swimmers, often accompanied by one or two paddleboarders, that has been going on for years. There aren't many details on-line but you can follow updates on their Facebook Page. The swims are often cancelled for rain (run off into the ocean) or unfavorable conditions so it's a good idea to check the page before showing up. Groups gather on Cowell Beach at 8:30am and 10:00am on Sunday mornings and 4:30pm and 5:30pm on Fridays (in the summer months) to swim around the wharf (just under a mile).

There's another group that meets on the right hand side of the Capitola Wharf (below the big stairs) on Wednesday evenings. Again, check the group for details. The swim appears to have been disrupted by local storms and hibernates in winter so not sure when it will start up again.

If you prefer a private, guided open water swim we offer these all year around at Cowell Beach. Click here for details.

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