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Enda Iten Running Shoe

I was initially made curious about this brand from its marketing pitches of being free from gimmicks and made in Kenya. I was pleased to find out the shoe itself delivered on performance as well. Not being a proponent of barefoot or max cushioning, the Enda Iten delivers the perfect balance, I think, in rear and midsole thickness. Unlike my last pair of shoes they had a removable insole which means my orthotics were easily inserted. They were comfortable right away and fit my foot very snug. I ran for 8 miles on my first run with them and got no blisters or rubbing. On my second run I ran without socks and still had no problems.

The Enda Iten's are light without compromising any support. I would only caution if you had a particularly wide foot you might have some problems because it fits my, I would say normal to thin foot, perfectly. The only other thing I would change is maybe the finger pull thing at the back because I don't think I've ever used those to put on a shoe. But I can probably just cut that off.

Check out their story. It's pretty cool. Did I say they're made in Kenya?

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