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2021 Northern California Triathlon Calendar

Well, it's been a year for triathlon racing in Northern California. A few very early ones took place in March and since then the vast majority canceled or postponed. The only races that were pulled off, to my knowledge, were all held by Sierra Cascades. I happened to do two of them. One at Huntington Lake in the Sierras in June and another at Lake Evans just south of Bakersfield in October.

So what does it look like in 2021? Of course it's almost impossible to make predictions except to say that it's already looking very different to years past. Usually by this time of year, race directors are scrambling to pick dates that are free on the calendar and are promoting their early registrations. In contrast, this year has been very quiet. Some are open but many are not and some race websites are down completely.

Your best bet, if history is a predictor of the future, are the Sierra Cascades races who will hold races in the Spring in some of the same places they did successfully this year. Another promising sign was that Ironman held a 70.3 in Arizona in October. They haven’t given up completely on putting on safe races during the pandemic. Unfortunately their races scheduled in the area are already sold out. Probably filled by deferrals from this year.

The calendar below shows last year's races and new proposed ones for 2021. The ones that haven’t put registration live are greyed out. I’ll update this calendar periodically as races go live and plans solidify. Please correct me in the comment if you have new information or I've stuffed up!

I think we’re united in the hope that this virus gets under control and we can get back to doing what we love.

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