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We offer personalized coaching to guide your training and help you achieve your endurance goals in concert with the support of an online group and sponsors.

Our coaches are focused on the discovering the truth on what will make you a better performing athlete with the time and resources you have available. 

As part of my squad, I'm not just charged with improving your fitness but with managing your race calendar, advising on sponsorships, even arranging travel experiences. This is about you living the triathlon lifestyle to its fullest potential.

Triathlon Coaching
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When you become a part of TCMTriSquad you're matched with one of our coaches as your primary coach but also benefit from the support and knowledge of the whole coaching staff and other athletes.

Martin Spierings

Gunnar Roll

Crystal DeClercq




“I felt powerful during the second half.  It was nice passing all these people who were crapping out and I was amazed at what my body could do.  I've had this body for 50 years and I feel like you have a better idea than me of what it is capable of doing.”


“Martin has been an invaluable coach.  As a mother of two small children, I really appreciated his availability and attentiveness to my specific scheduling needs. Martin kept my training different and fun in order to keep my enthusiasm over the length of marathon training.”


"His ability to tailor workouts to each individual is unmatched. He not only has a knack for measuring physical fitness, but also for measuring mental fitness and technical improvement. He sets up weekly workouts based on performance and feedback from previous weeks and in two plus seasons has always been prompt and thorough."


"Martin is an excellent teacher and trainer with a wide range of expertise. Within weeks of working with him, my run times had come down considerably (6 minutes off my best 10k time!). "





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