Track Tuesday - Scotts Valley

Run around in circles in the dark with triathlon coach Martin Spierings. Just like a Peloton except running, outdoors, with other people and with a less hot instructor.


Scotts Valley High School dirt track. 


6:15am - 6:30am: warm ups.
6:30am - 7:05am: interval set
7:05am- 7:15am: cool down and go to Starbucks.

All protocols to stave off infection, obesity, stress, anxiety and social isolation will be adhered to. All standards of runner welcome and catered for although best results will come if you're running easy at least 1-2 other times a week.


- There's some light but best bring your own (like a Petzel headlamp). Layer, gloves and beanie if it's cold.
- If someone cool is not on this invite please invite them.



If you have a job you can pay for me getting your ass out of bed by sending $8/session to my venmo: martin-spierings. Or the link below.


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