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Finis Bolt Goggles Review

I had a chance to test these in both the ocean and the pool and have nothing negative to report! They felt comfortable on the face and the tint in the right amount for sunny conditions (they also come in a clear version). They come with three different nose piece attachments to choose from. I have wide eyes so I always take the large option to get a secure fit.

I'm familiar with the strap mechanism as it's the same I've had on goggles of a different brand previously. That particular strap lasted longer than the rest of the goggle so I'm hoping this strap does the same. Also, didn't get any fogging, yet, in either body of water I tested them in.

But best of all is the price. Retails at $19.99 and comes out even less applying discount code TCMTRISQUAD2020 for 25% off. Pick them up here.

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