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Alejandro Páramo

Young gun

Age Group

M 25-29

Joined TCM


"A" Goal

Arizona 70.3 2022


2021 Tri Santa Cruz Olympic 5th AG

2021 Santa Cruz 70.3 5:23:11 (PR)

2018 Coeur D'Alene 70.3, 5:31:21

2022 Race Schedule
Alejandro background.png

Santa Barbara Long Distance (August)

Ironman 70.3 Arizona (October)

Why triathlon?

"Race day! Race day is a culmination of a process of training and gaining fitness, sometimes with friends/training partners and sometimes solo. And through days where motivation might not be high, but you know there's a race down the road that you want to perform your best at. As the saying goes, "the hay is in the barn" come race day; there is little to be done in the weeks coming up to the race, knowing that the bulk of the work and success comes down to months (and years) of consistency. To top it all off, race day has an anxious and exciting energy! From the athletes, volunteers, and supporters, the support and energy across all folks - friends, supporters, and strangers - is a powerful energy and feeling that makes race day what it is. Plus, the cow bells. Nothing quite like hearing someone loudly ringing a cow bell while you suffer!"

-Alejandro Páramo

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