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Customized Swimming Workout Plans

Monthly customized swimming plans delivered to you to print and take to the pool. 

Plans are customized for you based on:

  • The time and availability you have to swim.

  • Your goals and the fitness you're at today. 

  • Your month-to-month fitness gains.

  • Technique (optional) - We can address any technique weaknesses with a video you send in.








With most masters and adult fitness programs on hold due to COVID, swimmers are looking for a no hassle way to coach themselves through. Keep your swimming fitness up and structured by getting a personalized plan of interesting and effective workouts from an experienced coach who can also be available to make adjustments on the fly should your schedule change. 

$80/month you get:

- Initial introduction call 

- Assessment of your current fitness with a test swim

- A months worth of printable swim workouts 

- An online log to record your training 

- Advice on dry land exercises to support (on request)

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