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TCMTriSquad Supporters

In addition to our celebrated SPONSORS, TCMTriSquad members have access discounts on triathlon related events, products and services. These companies help power our athletes and make triathlon more affordable. To access free product and discounts join the squad today. And if you're a business interested in working together, contact us.

Product and Service Supporters

TriSlide is the ultimate in the essential anti-chafe lubricant

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Custom-blended to keep you hydrated and fueled all day long. TCM Members get 15% off


Lock Laces® found their home on the shoes of triathletes looking to shave seconds off their transition times.

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Premium personal care for athletes & everyday adventurers. The people we protect are the inspiration and driving force behind our existence. TCM Members get 25% off

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Magic5 make custom fit goggles with the latest face scanning technology. TCM Members get 25% off.


"My goal is to provide every client with quality care that gets results." Located in San Jose, David Ledesma specializes in Sports Massage. TCM members get $10 off an hour massage..

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Great deals on sporting brands

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Jooble is the go-to platform for career opportunities. Athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts can check their page for the next move!

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Arena has been dedicated to an in-depth technical know-how of sport, water, and the human body, to enhance its performance and capabilities. TCM Members get 25% off.

H20 Audio discount code

TCM Members get 30% off.

Event codes
Triathlon Event Supporters

Our Gold Sponsor Event Management company hosting triathlon and running races all over California.

(TCM Members get 15% off all events)


20% off all 2024 events nation-wide

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