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Swim Video Analysis Send In

Want the benefits of my private swim analysis but don't live in the Santa Cruz area?

Send raw video footage to me and within 7 days receive:

  • A edited and annotated video identifying areas for improvements.

  • A detailed report on your video with fixes and drills to correct problems.

  • A technique workout designed to address your specific needs.

$120/video analysis (includes edited video, report and workout)




Guidelines for making your own video:

  • Warm up for 10 minutes or so before taking the video

  •  Swim at the same speed you intend to race for your goal event.

  • Have a friend film from various angles; front on, side on and over and under the water.

  • Try and fill the swimmer with the entire frame of the video as much as possible.

  • Include footage of an entire lap of swimming so I can asses your stroke count.

  • Share the raw footage with me using a file sharing service Google Drive or Dropbox

  • I will then edit and annotate it with suggestions for improvement and share it back.

Email Martin for further instructions.

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