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Sridevi Parise

Made the brave leap from Duathlon to Triathlon to achieve her finisher dreams

Age Group

F 45-49

Joined TCM


"A" Goal

Sprint Triathlon Finish in 2024


2023 1st 45-49 // Millerton Madness Supersprint Triathlon


Wetsuit: Blueseventy Fusion

Bike: Quintana Roo

Runners: Nike Vapor flys

GPS: Garmin 920XT

2024 Race Schedule


Why triathlon?

"Never did any kind of competitive running or cycling until 6 years ago. One day, I saw an online ad for a 5k that promised a medal for all finishers. I was like - "I never got a medal in my life, I want to do this". So I followed a "couch to 5k" program and got that medal. Then around the same time, my work organized a charity ride, so I bought a bike and did the 15 mile route and enjoyed it. But I got hooked to the finish line feeling, the satisfaction from a good training session and the joy of working hard towards a goal and achieving it (and of course the medals and freebies :D). So I started searching for run/bike races and stumbled upon Duathlons. I had to lookup Wikepedia to understand what a Duathlon was and what transitions were etc. Did a duathlon and instantly got addicted to them. I did many many Duathlons in the past few years and enjoy the multisport/endurance lifestyle. I never did a triathlon because I didn't know how to swim and was scared of the deep end. I felt this year was the time to try and work towards my first Tri. If two sports could be that fun, 3 sports should ofcourse be funner, right?!!"

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