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Whale to Whale

Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz
8am - Sunday, July 18, 2021
2010-04-25 08.43.05.jpg


How It Works:

Run from the whale at Long Marine Lab to the entrance of Seabright Beach just past the Natural History Museum whale via the route below. It's 6 miles. Look out for cars and stoners. The entrance to Long Marine Lab will probably be closed so give yourself time to park on Delaware Ave. and jog into the start.  


Categories: Men Open, Women Open

Category Prizes: 1st - $30 Cash + Merge4 Socks. 2nd - $20 Cash + Olita Mineral Sunscreen. 3rd - $10 Cash +  Locklaces

Presentations: Event will be accurately but unprofessionally timed and results published here. Prizes presented at the finishing whale soon after the event. Coffee provided at the end. 


Cost: $15

How to enter: Fill in this form. Pay by venmo to martin-spierings or by CC/PayPal at link below.

Waiver: Will be sent by email through PandaDocs after entry for signing. It'll be a group start. Get vaccinated.

Whale to Whale Map.jpg


The Whale to Whale was created by Adam Boothe and Martin Spierings in 2010 who were annoyed by the local races and their crappy prizes and finisher medals so this rogue event was created. It was held several times between 2010-2015 by the now defunct Santa Cruz Endurance team. It seemed like a good idea to bring it back in a year when many races have been canceled. Results of the 3rd race in 2011 are here. I can't find any others. Send me your historical archives if you have them and I can update this bit. 

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