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Triathlon Transition Analysis

Get a friend to video your next transition and send it into me. I can save you MINUTES on your overall triathlon time with NO physical effort. Just a little practice and the right advice. I'll give you a rating out of ten so you know how far you have to improve. 

Send raw video footage to me and within 7 days receive:

  • An video voiceover identifying areas for improvements.

  • A follow up email with bullet points on what to work on and equipment recommendations to make you faster

  • Option to have video published on this website with your score. Help others learn from your mistakes!

$35/video analysis (includes edited video, report and workout)

Guidelines for making your own video:

  • At your next event choose a rack close to the fence. Have a significant other film you on their phone or camera transition 1 and 2 (T1 and T2).

  • If you don't have an event planned set a transition area up as it would be for a race, get in your wetsuit and film your practice.

  • Share the raw footage with me using any file sharing service including Google Drive or Dropbox (files will often be too large to attach to an email)

  • I will then add a sarcastic, yet helpful voiceover to the video and share it back.

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