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Jairon Frushtick

His greatest accomplishment is raising his two daughters who have turned into collegiate rowers and now he's found his way back to triathlon after a competive age grouper back in the early days of the sport.

Age Group

M 55-59

Joined TCM


"A" Goal

70.3 Oceanside


TBD in 2024!


Wetsuit: Blue 70

Bike: Canyon TT Bike; Specialized Tarmac Roadie

Running Shoes: Hoka

GPS: Garmin

2024 Race Schedule

Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

Santa Cruz

Why triathlon?

“I was so lucky. Graduated college, played basketball a couple of years, back to Atlanta, learned to swim when injured, met a guy who happened to be top age grouper back in the day. Early days of the sport. Mark & Dave! Sport has truly saved my life.” - Jairon

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