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Coach John Savage

John Savage, a world class triathlete, is offering coaching services to a select number of athletes on the TCMTriSquad pulling from his years of coaching and personal race experience.

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Triathlon - $200 USD / month

+ TCMTriSquad membership fee


John Savage has been racing triathlons for more than a decade, and has found success competing at every distance from sprint races to a full Ironmans. He grew up playing every sport he could, and then focused on swimming in high school and swam at the College of William and Mary. He decided at a young age that he would one day do a triathlon after seeing a magazine about it while on vacation with his family in Hawaii. After two years of college swimming, he turned to triathlon to fulfill his childhood goal. He hasn't looked back since. He has qualified for and raced at the age group world championship level at the Olympic, half Ironman and full Ironman distances (Hawaii Ironman World Championships, 2017).


John spends his days teaching high school chemistry and anatomy and physiology at his old high school, where he is also the water polo coach for the varsity boys team.


John is currently training for the Hawaii Ironman.


  • High School Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology Teacher

  • Water Polo Coach for Varsity Boys' Team

  • Team U.S.A. age group triathlon representative

See John's athlete profile HERE

John Savage
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