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Arms, collar and shoulders

The collar of 1.5 Yamamoto 39 SCS is cut low to prevent irritation of the neck while swimming. The arms and shoulders are also made of 1.5 mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene and a jersey layer on the inside for a smooth transition. The forearms, like the Torrent and the Pure, are provided with Shark Skin to improve water feeling and grip. The wrists are not covered to maintain freedom of movement and to facilitate the removal of the wetsuit.

Body, thighs and back

The body and upper legs are made of 5 mm Yamamoto neoprene for good buoyancy. The back is covered by 3 mm Yamamoto neoprene.

Lower legs and knees

These parts are made of 3 mm Yamamoto 39 SCS for sufficient flexibility in the legs. The wetsuit is high cut at the ankles to pull out the suit and thus the change as smoothly as possible.


The zipper closes from top to bottom for an easy transition and less water resistance. Inside of the wetsuit The inside is finished with a soft jersey fabric that slides easily off the body even when the wet suit is wet.


Medium fits: 5"3 - 5"7, 121 - 143 lbs

Mako Naiad Womens Wetsuit

$210.00 Regular Price
$168.00Sale Price